How to make money through paid survey sites?

The Internet is a big place to make money. As people start discovering this more and more start looking for ways. Paid survey sites are one of them. Before starting, I want to say one thing “There is…


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Play! by Sephora Review

To those thinking about getting a beauty subscription box, look no further! Since I work at a makeup store, I’m always looking to try out new products. No matter what you swear by, there is always something else out there to try(although it may be more expensive). Subscription boxes allow you to try out a handful of products for a monthly fee.

June Sephora Play! Box

The Sephora Play! box costs $10 a month, and you receive 5 travel size items and a “beauty bonus” (usually a perfume or hair product sample). I like this box because you set up profile and the products are chosen based on your skin and hair type. Since I have pale skin and blue eyes, I usually get makeup in shades that will compliment that. I have dry, wavy hair I’ll get sent products to work with my hair.

Bum Bum cream not pictured because I was too excited to try it

With most of my boxes I end up liking one or two items, and I’ll give the rest away to friends or family. This past month’s box has been one of the best boxes so far. Not only did I get sent all new products that I’ve been wanting to try, but they also worked really well!

I would highly suggest the Sephora Play! box whether you’re looking to find new products to add to your routine, or if you just like receiving a box full of stuff once a month. For only $10, you get about $30–40 worth of makeup in every box. Even if you don’t always get products you love, it’s still a great deal!

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