The Main Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Though marijuana has been used for centuries, it has gained a positive image after the researches proved its therapeutic benefits. Owing to this, a lot of people are using it for medical and…


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She shifted her priorities to make sure families didn’t go hungry.

Inside this re-purposed gymnasium in Houston, Texas, “there’s always 100 million things that can be done.”

That’s how Cassie A. Jones feels most days since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

In addition to her normal workload, she now manages a food and supply warehouse for Hurricane Harvey survivors. It’s filled with diapers, sanitary napkins, cleaning supplies, canned food, pet food — there’s a 99% chance any item a family might need to pick up the pieces after a hurricane can be found in this fully-stocked room.

Cassie is proud of her work. And proud of the way BakerRipley rapidly shifted its priorities to meet the needs of vulnerable families who are still reeling two months after Hurricane Harvey barrelled through Houston.

“The families who were food insecure before the storm are probably in dire straights at this point. So, the fact that our agency is doing it, I’m really proud of the fact that we can do it. Because this is the kind of stuff I love. You can get your hands on it, and it’s my workspace every day, but it’s always changing,” she said.

Cassie is originally from Colorado Springs. After Harvey, she has a deeper understanding of Texas.

“You hear a lot about stuff being bigger and better in Texas. But I guess that could be true because we doing it bigger and we are doing it better than anywhere else to try to help our community,” she said.

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