My Journey as a Designer

My professional journey as a designer began when I made the decision to drop out of design school. While waiting to join another design school, I was fortunate to have S.M Shah, my mentor and guide…


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My Six days Journey with Words

I also knew that the course was going to be with words (and for that matter, what course can you learn without words?). And most importantly, this course was not only with words but also about words. Our trainer, Uma Madhavi sure satisfied my curiosity about Content writing and went way up in giving extra tips and tricks. She taught us

and many more.

Many points which she told, made my eyes (and sometimes my mouth,too) open wide with awe. She was telling trade secrets, yaar!

She made everything clear by showing examples whenever possible. The fact that we were able to interact with her during the course was yet another positive bullet point.

The words she used were simple, just how she was insisting us to ‘Keep it Simple’.

But those words did their job. they have hooked me into Content Writing seriously when I had actually wanted to try it only as a hobby.

The assignments she gave were simple. But the way she encouraged us , made my brain work extra hours that I was not able to sleep well through those six days. I was mostly thinking about what to write and how to write.

And she was also helping us understand ourselves through these assignments.

I must sure say that I am grateful to Uma Madhavi for being a ‘wonderful’ guide through this ‘word-ful’ journey. Her words have done their job well- they have inspired me a lot.

This six days journey has sure changed my thinking and now I am trying to improve myself both mentally and verbally.

After all, words can inspire and words can destroy, too. Let me choose mine well.

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