Why Movement Behavior needs to be a priority for Athletes and Coaches

The NFL is a brutal sport. Grown Men, most over six feet tall and over 200 lbs, running full speed into each other in the hopes of one of them falling to the ground. Preferably the one holding the…


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Get in the shoes of Cecilia Lee

As a Recruiter at Richemont APAC, Cecilia Lee is more used to ask candidates questions than being asked back: in this article, she’ll play the game and be the interviewee!

Cecilia Lee, tell us a bit about your story:

The team is great, we all have similar background and most importantly we have the same vibe! Also the people who work here are supportive, loving and caring.

We work very independently on our own sector of recruitment yet we work strongly as a team in projects , we challenge each other’s view point yet we learn to compromise and support each other during the group work.

Cecilia with colleagues Cyrus Yu and Sonny Pang

The most interesting part is that I get to meet with different people on a daily basis, as I looking after corporation functions hiring so anyone from marketing filed to finance to HR to IT, security , warehouse logistic Customer service and all at different levels. It’s like holding speed dating event, pairing up the right candidate to the line manger , which is great fun!

Just get to meet as many people as you can from the group! Be positive and open , don’t be afraid to share your ideas and views , which not only applies to work but to life in general too!

Personally I enjoy going to the gym and interacting with different people, so I would use that money to join gym membership, train hard and be a personal trainer than start training others to get more income.

Flying, as I’m terrified of plane turbulence and can’t take any roller coaster ride, and I want to over come it!

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