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Travel FOMO

Planning for a vacation, or even a date night, can be a big pain if your looking to do something out of the norm. People end up visiting the same spots over and over again; that park down by the water, or pizza place by the hotel everyone keeps talking about.

When scouting out things to do in a city, I typically end up coming down with a case of what I call “travel FOMO”. A little voice inside my head starts whispering, “Yo dude… there’s a cool little speakeasy around the corner from the hotel, but you’ll never find it…BAHAHAHA”

You might not be as hard hit by FOMO as I am, but most people are affected by some form of planning fatigue or anxiety. Properly planning a trip can be a massive undertaking. There is so much cool stuff to do, and so little time to figure out where it is.

The problem with travel discovery is two-fold: finding good sources to pull from, and then sorting through the massive volume of places these sources recommend.

When planning a trip, people usually start by asking their friends for recommendations. Perhaps you have someone you lean heavily on for this: your cousin who’s constantly traveling for work, or your “digital nomad” friend who seems to have a magical bank account powered by Instagram likes.

The other option is to Google around for ideas. The NYT and goop are some of my favorites **. The issue with pulling from these sources is that the recommendations usually end up in a bookmarks folder or Google Doc that’s hard to access and burns through your data plan if used on the fly

I wanted to make the experience of travel planning more like how I feel when I’m scrolling through Instagram or shopping online: Fun and painless. Something you can do on your way to work, or while walking around after you’ve landed.

Dorsia takes all the research work off your plate. We summarize and categorize the best stuff a city has to offer. For the planning type, we have a wealth of cool locations to choose from when building your own itineraries. For people who like to wing-it, check out our expertly-curated itineraries.

** Yes I’m not ashamed to announce my love for Goop. They have sick travel recommendations and by osmosis I now have a lit bedtime facial regime.

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